Baduy Pride is a celebration of the love between Tobie and Rocky, two gay geeks in the Philippines. The site is really more of a scrapbook of key moments in our lives together or relevant stories that should give all queer couples reason to hope for a better future.

Baduy is a Filipino word that can be approximately translated into something cheesy, corny or even mushy. And admittedly we get this way a lot when we're together and we've learned to just embrace this fact instead of resisting it. Being baduy is not a bad thing. It just means that you're actually being honest in terms of how you feel and you're not ashamed to show it.

Pride of course refers to our being members of the LGBT nation. Rocky is an out and proud gay man while Tobie is actually one of the rare true bisexuals in Metro Manila today. We're both proud of who we are and hope that we'll reach that point in time when all queer people around the world are free to celebrate their love however they wish to do so.

So Baduy Pride is our way of celebrating love here on the internet. There are more than enough sites out there that bemoan the woes and pains of daily life. So we're sure there's definitely room out here for a little page dedicated to celebrating happiness and spreading a positive message of love and commitment between two men who are passionate about the things they love.

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