Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rather Long Term Wedding Planning

The photo above comes from the Doctor Who themed engagement photos for Dallas couple TJ Mundell and Timmy Patterson as taken by photographer Shaun Menary. The photos have already been featured pretty much all over the internet and are a lovely showcase of two gay geeks in love finding a unique geeky way to celebrate this next phase in their lives together. They look absolutely adorable together and things like these are sure to make any Whovian smile and cheer for their success.

I guess my social networks are at that point in life when such marriage-focused stories become items of primary interest. Heck, I tend to be among the first to share them as well. And on the surface it's easy to just feel all warm and fuzzy about such things, on the flip side there's the somber reminder that marriage is not something I can actually explore with Tobie just yet. Sure, there are other countries that recognize same-sex marriage or strange religious institutions who perform the ceremony locally as well. But at the end of the day, the Philippines is still one of those countries where marriage equality hasn't quite happened yet - that and many other rights still being denied to the Filipino LGBT community.

But a guy can still hope, right? I think a lot of my viewing of different wedding proposal gimmicks and concept shoots for engagement photos are all part of longer term planning efforts for what Tobie and I might consider trying when we finally have that legal option to get married here.

Here are a few rather endearing videos that may serve as interesting inspiration for possible engagement plans - for now I shall vehemently deny planning anything. LOL

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