Monday, April 23, 2012

Three Months of FAMILY LOVE

Relationships are never easy, and no one ever claimed that would be the case. And for an especially a-typical relationship such as what Tobie, Prince and I share, there's definitely a lot of possible complications to deal with. It's just the nature of human relationships - each come with our unique character traits that sometimes work and sometimes don't when brought all together.

But here we are, still together and still strong after three months of being a family. And I know I keep talking about how conventional terms don't precisely describe our relationship, it seems the term family really does fit us best. We no longer think of ourselves as just boyfriends - we see each other as husbands, true partners in this relationship. We celebrate our passions together, even when we don't necessarily like the same things.  We face life's challenges together. We celebrate love, because that's what families do.

So as we officially mark our third anniversary together, allow me to go through a few of the events in the past month that mark our journey to this point.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Survived Holy Week at Galera

Despite the numbers, the stresses, the minor injuries from all sorts of things, and the rough waters we had to cross, the ASA family continues to grow stronger and stronger.   This love we three share definitely continues to do the impossible.

I love you Prince.  I love you Rocky.
And I will never give up on us.
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