Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Birthday Echoes

So Tobie has hidden different board games around the house as surprise birthday presents, and the whole experience is blowing my mind. What rattles me is that he hasn't actually been hiding these gifts but more just shelving them. Given our game collection spans over 500 games, you can imagine that it's hard to notice when there are new ones mixed in with all the others.

What's funnier is how his gift choices this year had odd resonances with my own areas of interests at this point in time. And for those who read this blog, you should already know how we often feel like there are little signs and reminders that life throws our way to remind us we're on the right track. This is a bit of a curse at the same time since it makes it a lot harder to surprise one another since we tend to pick up on one another's surprises.

Case in point, one of the games he had hidden was the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine edition of the Fluxx card game. And apparently, around the same time he had secured the game, I started re-watching episodes of DS9 on Netflix because of a sudden bout of nostalgia specifically tied to that particular Star Trek show. Imagine his surprise when I loaded up "The Emissary" - he thought I had figured things out!

And today we arrived home to this odd tableau with "The Kids" up to their old antics. It turned out that he had hidden a copy of The Expanse Board Game in the drawer where we normally keep the Stowaways, who are the stuffed toys that seem to get into the MOST mischief.

And the pig is holding the tamagoyaki pan as a terrible dad joke clue for The Expanse because it's "the egg pan-s".

So, so, terrible. This is the man I love, ladies and gentlemen. And I'm stuck with him for life.

But to heighten the fun, I was rambling about how I was super into The Expanse right now just as we were walking to the car after dinner. Tobie once again that that stupid obviously guilty look on his face and vehemently denied that he was up to anything, which always means he was up to something. But I still wasn't expecting to find a frying pan in the bedroom.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Ten Times Stronger

Ten years is a very long time.

For me, that's a fourth of my entire life so far. 1/4 of my life has been to share it with this man who has constantly been my anchor, my equal, and my source of strength and love.  Within those ten years, we have traveled, made friends, raised dogs, become uncles, danced, gotten drunk, explored new horizons, wrote, learned games, made games, ran games, shared stories, invested, learned to cook, burned food, gotten into accidents, met horrible people, found friends, strengthened ties, and learned to believe in so many things.

Even back when we first met, we already saw hints of these small but special moments. From wavelength encounters where we seemed to just happen to be thinking the very same things, to patterns in unfolding events in our lives that were hard not to read as signs that were showing us where to go.

I don't blog often. I know I tend to write more when it comes to creative writing. But when it comes to blog posts, I tend to be more quiet. I celebrate our moments, but I know a part of me worries people might just assume we're showing off. Or bragging.  But in the ten years that we've been together, we've seen our share of people who would rather pull us down than celebrate what we've found. And we've survived everything from storms to tragedies, from natural disasters to supernatural twists, and we continue to get stronger each passing day.

There was a time when I saw you in passing and I took a selfie with a friend only because I wanted to at least have a single image of you (even if you were just in the background, walking away.)  I had no idea if I would ever meet you or see you again. It felt foolish. But it felt like something I just had to do.

Ten years later, I realize that chance encounter was one of those random moments full of meaning. We surround ourselves now with friends and people whom we can even call our "gay family."  We slowly tip-toe towards a time when our respective families may even choose to celebrate Christmas and New Year together! We continue to grow stronger together, overcoming anything that stands in our way.  I love you, Rocky.  I shall live with baduy pride to be part of you for the rest of my life.

Saturday, March 2, 2019


A lot of times I find myself just staring at Tobie and feeling the need to tell him that I love him and that I'm so happy to be with him. It's super cheesy and 2003 Rocky would scoff at these wanton displays of corny affection. But that's just really how it is. Our life together is pretty awesome and we're happy. There will always be things that we wished were different and things we wished we had the time and resources to do, but beyond that life is good.

Happy Wheelie Day, love love. Thank you for choosing me.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Little Squee Moments

Today Tobie and I ended up at Va Bene Pasta Deli at Central Square for an impromptu dinner out after work. As much as I typically avoid Italian restaurants since it gets me guilty that I should have cooked us pasta for dinner instead but this restaurant surprised us during a random movie night and it has become a happy indulgence for us.

The table next to us was another couple (albeit a straight one) who were apparently celebrating an anniversary. I muttered to Tobie that it was kinda funny that we weren't celebrating but were just eating.

To this Tobie replied, "Or we've never stopped celebrating."

I really liked that.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Movie Dates

I really enjoy going to the movies. It's an experience that I often relate to happy memories while growing up because a trip to the cinema is always going to be a good thing. Movies are a special kind of magic that will irrationally look better on a giant projector screen no matter how good your home theater setup is. Watching a movie at a cinema means always having popcorn and sitting through trailers that give you a glimpse of exciting features to come and enduring local ads that are always much louder than everything else.

I love going to the movies with Tobie and I'm glad that he takes the time and effort to do so. Sometimes my eagerness to see a movie will mean needing to venture out on opening day or wake up much earlier than normal on a weekend just to squeeze in a showing before other social commitments. He understands when I get worried about not catching particular films while they're still showing at theaters and will help ensure that we do get to go.

We may not travel much nor do we feel strongly about the beach or what have you. But we'll always have these movie dates and they continue to add so many fun memories to our shared history.

Just another reason why I love Tobie so much.
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