Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 5 of Rocky's Birthday Singapore trip

Have to start it with pics from the previous night, just cause I already posted the Day 4 pics.
Sadly, I forgot to take more pics of that particular night.
Guess got too happy with having friends join us for some birthday inuman.

The merlion at Fullerton.
Gotta give points for a totally fabricated myth becoming a major cultural icon.

I hate how slow the iPhone can be taking pics.
But yeah, this is Rocky along the pier.

We had moved to Fullerton from a wonderful drinking session at Clark Quay with Mina, Hec, Jac and Eric.  Not to mention having lovely and delicious Patron XO Cafe in our tummies.

So this is my picture of Rocky taking a pic of the eternally vomiting Merlion.

The next morning, on the day of Rocky's birthday itself, we got ready for our animal filled afternoon.

I decided to wear a cap this time.   Didn't think hair wax + heat would be a good combination in a zoo.

Mina opted to drive us to Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.
Rocky had fun fiddling with the GPS.

Me feeling slightly exhausted from the previous night.
But definitely still having fun.  Promise!

At the parking lot with my Lechon t-shirt.

Rocky and Mina heading out of the car.

We parked at G.   Ain't that Grand(e).

So the Bird Park will have to wait.  And yes, the River Safari will have to be something for us to indulge in come the future.  But today is Singapore Zoo and Night Safari day!

The queue moved pretty fast.  Gotta admire Singaporean's love for systems.

Especially when they work.

We rushed off to the Elephant show and had a great time seeing the elephants do their tricks.

Naysayers may cry foul, but I personally believe zoos do help.

Rocky worried that the enclosures (which have NO bars) might not be safe.

Now at the Splash show.  Rocky feeling tired from our quick trip around the zoo.  Saw so many animals, I'll have to leave it for Rocky to show off when he posts his pictures.

But yeah, we foresee watery fun ahead.

Me all tired too.  At this point in time, I was sweating more than I usually do.
And very thankful I didn't wax my hair indeed.

Mina arrives with hydration and nachos!

My first attempt at a candid shot.

And Rocky being wacky.

Sea Lion!



Really MASSIVE frog.  

Mina posing beside the model of the biggest frog in the world.

We loved walking around so much, our feet hurt so good.

Got to love how multicultural the zoo is.

At the Rainforest experience, we got to see many animals face to face and up close, without any barriers at all.

It was tempting admittedly to try touching them.

"Got any grapes?"

We sadly were ushered outside since they were closing.  So I wasn't able to get a good pic of the millipede.

Flames light up as the Night Safari opens.

Rocky and Mina go grab grub.

Hmm.. I think this was accidental.

Me doing a Zeki.  Hahahah~

Go Tigers!

This was a picture.  Promise.

After hiking through all FOUR trails, we decided to go for the TRAM.
Wonderful seeing all the animals.  Less so all the smells.
Then it was a drive home to Mina's place to relax a bit, pack, and prepare for the flight back to Manila.

Happy Birthday to you, Rocky.

Hope you have no regrets.

BaduyPride forever~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 4 of Rocky's Birthday Singapore trip

We start with a midnight escapade for something to enjoy.

Tired but excited to head out at the wee hours.

Morning comes and turns out Duck and Tiger have not only found a way to join us  here at Singapore...

...but have also found a new friend, Raindeer!

Dressing up for the day's shopping.

Tidying up the bed for now.

Okay, I think this was my shirt.

My thumb's in the way.

Take two.  And murky weather in the horizon.

Tired, but made it to the MRT.

Spirits rising...

Post shopping at Paradigm Infinitum.
Was too overwhelmed with geek joy to take pictures while there.

But here's a teaser of the swag!

May PDA naman din sa Singapore.

I think I've gained some weight.

Louis Vuitton celebrates EGGS!

Lots and lots of escalators.

Happy Siblings.

Me and Mina and Rocky + photobomber.

And even more walking.

I see what I look like to short people.


Yep, geek haul!

Scion: Hero

Carcassonne: Bridges, Castles and Bazaars.

Once Upon a Time

Two sets of Chessex dice.

A bit of Japan for dinner.
And the amazing fajitas by Mina (not in picture.  Ate it too fast.)

A bit of "UP" before tonight's drinking and partying spree.

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