To get in touch with Tobie Abad, you can send your emails to tobie.abad [at]

Also check out his other blogs - the queer-friendly blame it on the rain, bro and his long-running personal blog the garapata can speak.

To get in touch with Rocky Sunico, you direct your messages to rgsunico [at]

You can also visit Rocky's other blogs The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything and You can also follow him on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

We've yet to get Prince fully on-board with our blogging activities just yet, especially since most of his free time is dedicated to his major passion of poi dancing - a form of performance art. You can learn more about this side of his life by visiting the High Voltage Poi Spinners Duo page on Facebook.

For all other site concerns including copyright notices and other technical issues, you can email administrator [at]
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