Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yoshi Echoes

Social media celebrates a lot of things including friendship anniversaries, birthdays, and old posts. And so randomly throughout the week Google or Facebook take turns digging up old photos of Yoshi.

Bittersweet is the perfect description for such moments. They still make us feel a little sad to see him since that reminds us that he's gone and that we miss him so much. But then it also gets us into retelling old stories of his quirks and the little things that made him such a lovable, adorable dog.

There will always be a gap in our hearts where Yoshi lives on and we will forever treasure that.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

We Wear Matching Shirts

"What are you wearing?" is a common question we ask while at the Sietch although neither of us has any real interest in the more superfluous aspects of what most consider to be fashion. We don't ask out of a genuine interest in how we look but more to check what shirt the other person plans to wear.

One of our first matching shirts were a gift.

Over the years of being together with Tobie, we've somehow become the sort of couple wear matching shirts a lot. While it's not like our entire wardrobe consists of matching outfits or anything crazy like that. But we do have a dedicated drawer of shirts that we can wear in order to match.

At minimum we match colors.
Or shirts of the same fandom like our Night Vale election shirts.

Or we literally have the same shirts.
Or quirky Star Wars shirts
And we have fun matching.
Oh you can't see Totoro well here.
And we attend weddings this way

Just another baduy way of celebrating being together.
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