Sunday, April 9, 2017

When You Live Together

So I wrote a thing on my personal blog about the ups and downs of living together. The post had long been meant for this blog, but then I could never find the time to write it as separate update on top of keeping pace with my need for daily updates over there.

So it's a cross-posted blog post for now! Here's an excerpt:
It's easy to dismiss this as something about the obvious economic benefits of living together such as being able to pool resources or having an extra pair of hands to help with chores. But there are also challenges like really learning about all the little habits and quirks of your partner or needing to redefine your concept of privacy to factor in someone else in your daily life. The benefits definitely outweigh the risks as long as you're in a good relationship and I know I'm terribly lucky with Tobie. 
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

We Stumble Forward

I'm hardly perfect. We can argue that no one is as it's a human thing, but that's not the point. We all make mistakes and sometimes we regret them and sometimes we don't. Sometimes we understand why things ended up the way they did and other times you're at a loss to provide a logical explanation for your actions.

In all the times I've stumbled in our relationship, I count myself extremely lucky that Tobie sticks it out with me. Yes, I regret the mistakes I've made and I do what I can to make amends. I'm not proud of my failings and my shortcomings and I hate myself when I fall into such pitfalls and traps of my own making.

But Tobie and I have always managed to work things out thus are and I count myself terribly lucky for that. We find our path forward and we remind ourselves of our commitment to one another and why we love one another and thus continue forward.

We've been together for over 7 years now and I considered myself quite blessed for every moment we've shared. And like any other relationship, it needs a lot of work to keep things going and Tobie and I both do our best to make things work. There's always the love, the fun, and the romance. But there's also the work.

I love Tobie so much. I can't imagine being with anyone else for the rest of my life.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seven Years and more

Today, Rocky and I celebrate 7 years of being together.  Seven years of loving each other unconditionally.  Seven years of enjoying the games we love, watching the shows we enjoy and celebrating our successes and surviving our challenges together.

In the seven years that we have shared together, we have had a lot of twists and surprises, laughs and discoveries, stories and inside jokes.  In very many ways, I know I've become selfish about a bunch of them, wanting them to be special moments that we keep just between us. And of course there are the tears and the painful moments we have to survive together.  But at the same time, there's a lot of happiness and joy that we would like to share.  A lot of things we wish others can learn to appreciate as well.  To believe in.

Seven years today.
And the rest of our lives, onwards.

I love you, Rocky.
And Yoshi will continue to live in our years, along with everyone else we love and have lost.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yoshi's Fifth Birthday

Had things turned out differently, today would have been Yoshi's fifth birthday.

Happy Birthday, Yoshi! We miss you so much and we love you. Hope you're having lots of bananas.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Wooden Spoon

As with any couple or even any two people who have been living together for some time, day-to-day life leads to a near-infinite number of stories. For me and Tobie, there's the many stories associated with this silly little wooden spoon.

We first got this spoon as a freebie with some Pure Foods product - I think it was a box of chicken nuggets but it might have been hotdogs. But that doesn't matter - just remember it came free with some grocery purchase in 2009, the year we started living together. Back then we barely knew how to cook and contented ourselves with frying stuff or trying to cook things in our rice cooker.

Since then we've both learned to get around the kitchen better and we're a lot more confident. We've also purchased many different cooking implements including better knives and various wooden spoons and flippers. And yet amid all the kitchen gear is still this skinny little wooden spoon.

Tobie tends to use it a lot - it reflects his relative with some of the larger spoons or something like that. I always use it whenever I make flavored variants of rice like curry rice or pseudo rice pilaf. I guess it's because we always used that same spoon back in the rice cooker meal days and in my head it still feels like the "right" thing to do due to sheer repetition and habit.

Whenever I see the spoon I remember how far we've come as home cooks and how we are able to create much more than just canned tuna heated over white rice in the rice cooker. And thinking about such moments just makes me smile.
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