Thursday, October 26, 2017

Eating Alone

I hate eating alone.

I've come to accept meals to be a very social activity even though Tobie and I tend to eat in silence when we're together. But I feel at peace when we're at the same table whether we're at home at the Sietch or at a nice restaurant. But of course we can't be together for every meal and work requirements can have us in different places.

Going home I thought it might be fun to eat out since it was just me - a way to make it more amusing or something. I initially thought of getting food at Mercato since it's not too far off my route home and then I considered going to Jollibee since I have free meals to claim thanks to my credit card. But the thought of eating out alone without Tobie just bogged me down and so I went home and reheated leftovers together with some Quorn nuggets to change things up a bit. When stuff like this happens I typically eat something light to stave my usual dinner hunger and then eat again later on once Tobie gets home. I don't have that option today since I need to get some sleep so just made the most of things for now.

This is just one of the many things that define our daily lives as a couple. It's just one of the little reminders that our lives are so deeply intertwined with one another's the slightest change in routine makes everything feel somehow wrong and out of sorts. But even the momentary bits of absence are more than balanced out by the elation you feel  once you're back in the same space again.
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