Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Months of Being a Family

Today marks our second full month of being in one of the more unique relationships around. Instead of calling what Tobie, Prince and I share a "threesome" or a "ménage à trois", it seems the term family best suits us. In fact, we've started to refer to ourselves as the ASA Family, given ASA is an acronym of our last names Abad-Sunico-Angeles. This sort of replaces the old Pamilya Egg term, especially since Nico is now coming to terms with the fact that he now has an additional "dad" to deal with, hehe.

So what have we been up to over the past 30 days? Let's breeze through the photo memories, shall we?

02.25 Planet Zips 1st SpinDependence
The first weekend of our 2nd month together was spent at the Planet Zips SpinDependence meet-up at Arts in the City. This is the community of artists that Prince is a part of together with other enthusiasts of poi, contact juggling and other fun stuff. It was quite the fun night and it was also really great to meet more of Prince's friends.

02.26 Ice Box Cake!
And the next day we attacked the ice box cake that Tobie had prepared for us. It's also known as refrigerator cake (to be more modern) or a mango-graham cake thingy. Otherwise, it's simple yet delicious.

02.28 Flowers
Towards the end of February Prince brought us flowers as an apology for one of our less than ideal moments - just part of the growing pains of coming together as a family. I mark this moment as a reminder that things aren't always ideal in any relationship, but the reason things work is the fact we're willing to talk through our challenges together and find ways to move forward.

Plus Prince cooked some great adobo using pork chops! Nom nom nom...

03.02 Ninja Poi!
For Wheelie Day this month, it marked a day of both Tobie and me getting crew cuts (yes, totally got rid of my hair!) and our order from Home of Poi arrived by courier. That picture above is Prince happily opening his new Ninja Poi set. Ain't he quite the happy camper?

03.03-03.04 Puerto Galera
Then that very weekend we went off to our very first trip to Puerto Galera together! It was certainly a stellar and magical weekend and I'm glad that we were able to join Prince for this particular trip. And it looks like was just the first of many more trips to look forward to.

03.06 New Furniture
The following week we stumbled upon the perfect bedroom furniture set for a great price. It included a bed frame, a wardrobe closet, a dresser and night table. So we've finally upgraded from slim mattresses on the floor to nice queen-sized bed that fits the three of us rather well.

03.10 Meet Poy-Poy!

By the weekend Tobie had a business trip to Hong Kong and Prince and I used this time as a chance to finally bring his dog Poy-Poy home. He's now an official resident at the Sietch and seems a lot happier than when he was before. Of course it helps that he's back together with Prince a lot more and he has the bonus of me and Tobie as extra companions.

03.10 Shoes!
That weekend was some great quality time for just me and Prince given how little we see of one another during the week. And what did we do with that time? We went out to Farmers Plaza and bought cheap knock-off shoes and enjoyed a great lunch at Tropical Hut. Fun fun!

03.11 Movie date!
Oh, and we also arranged for a little movie date to watch ÜnOfficially Yours, because we're campy that way. And yes, Prince is wearing a Burger King crown (he is a Prince after all) and we bought cotton candy.

03.17-03.18 2nd Puerto Galera Trip
And by the following weekend we were back at Puerto Galera, this time together with Nico as well. And thus marks the evolution of Pamilya Egg into the ASA Family among other moments.

03.17 Goodbye Pendant
This also marks the last time we had the pendants with us. Mine had gotten destroyed while Prince was wearing it for one of his performances at O Bar and to formally transition from our previous relationship to our current family, it seemed fitting to release Tobie's pendant at Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera has sort of become our "province", which is a nice thought. Everyone always talks about having a home province where their family came from and where they spend some vacations. I've never really had that experience since my family has largely been within Metro Manila for several generations, so to have a province to call home, in a manner of speaking, is kind of fun.

And that's pretty much the month so far. Apart from the big events, naturally there have been a lot of little moments like Tobie learning to train Poy-Poy, me preparing breakfast and packed lunches on Monday mornings while everyone is still groggy and somewhat hungover and of course lots and lots of nights at O Bar Ortigas.

This is our happy little life in our part of the world. It may not seem like much and the potential dynamics of it all may boggle your brains as you try to figure it out, but that's not really the point here. The point is that the three of us love one another dearly, we're faithful to each other and we're devoted to making each other happy. Like any other family we have good times and bad times, but through it all we pull together and do our best to support one another through patience, love and understanding.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you Prince and Tobie!
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