Wednesday, April 23, 2014

About Mango Cream Pies

The other week I managed to get one of Red Ribbon's limited Mango Cream Pies for Tobie. It was one of his earliest stories when we were first getting to know one another - the fact that he could walk around the mall eating the entire pie all by himself. But by the time we had gotten together, the pies had been taken off the menu for some reason. Thankfully they're back for a few months.

I had no particular reason to get the pie - no particular anniversary or something like that. It was just something that I wanted to do for Tobie - and so I went ahead and got it and gingerly carried it all the way home to the Sietch. And that sort of captures a big part of our relationship - all the random crazy surprises that we like to spring on one another. The seemingly grand yet ever so baduy gestures that really add color to our lives.

Five years ago, Tobie got on one knee in the middle of the old O Bar in Malate and promised to be loyal forever. And we had our share of ups and downs over the years including a brief period apart in 2012, but now we're officially back together and we continue to move forward together.

And so I continue to find new ways to surprise him, new ways to make him happy or at least surprising ways to get him to smile. April 23 may not be our current official anniversary any more, but it's still another special day to remember.

Plus I love how goofy Tobie looks when I do something special for him.

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