Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another level up in BaduyPride!

Pardon my joy for something that others may probably find to be very simple, but I wanted to blog today how I successfully used the oven toaster to cook Banana bread.  While I'm sure many people out there would probably laugh at how happy I am for doing this, I still feel this is quite a feat forward for me considering not too long ago, I wasn't even capable of frying an egg.

 Allow me to present to you pictures of the Banana Bread that I just successfully made with our oven toaster.  Gosh, I know bread always smells great when freshly baked, but man to have created it yourself really adds a new dimension to the delectable smell.

With this tiny victory, Rocky and I were already chatting excitedly about what new directions to take this step.  Maybe an attempt at  Carrot Cake would be one of them?  I'm excited to actually try making my own flatbread and possible even eventually making filling meat pies and the like.

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at how tall the bread rose. When I was filling the dish earlier, I was thinking I needed to use twice the amount of ingredients in the future to make enough bread.  But man, good thing I didn't do something as stupid as that.

I am excited as well at the prospect of trying to make more herby breads in the future.  Maybe a bread roll with touches of rosemary would be yummy.  Or maybe even an attempt at making stuff like Spanish bread or Mamon in the future?

I do wonder too if this means creating even yummier stuff like cheesecakes and home-made croissants are something to look forward too as well?  If they are, then that means the possibility of baking stuff to give out come Christmas to our friends and family.

Ah, the joys of cooking.
I cannot help but wonder why some people feel it is such a chore.

But enough of that kind of thinking.  All that matters is today is a day for me to celebrate a new step forward.  Within a span of two years, I have gone from being unable to cook at all, to cooking rice in a rice cooker, frying food, making breaded Dory, cooking Kare Kare, learning to make yummy omelets and fluffy scrambled eggs, to making dangerously delicious pork chops, to preparing sashimi as well as rolling my own sushi, to creating a variety of salads including two different vinaigrette and coming up with an oriental chicken salad,  delicious cheesy dip for nachos, learning to make eggplant parmigiana, home-made burger patties, home-made ice cream, Pandesal pizza, turbo roasted chicken and now... banana bread.

Not bad at all.

And best yet, Rocky loves eating all of them!
(As do many of our friends)

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  1. It is in these simple pleasures that we find bliss. 


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