Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Hair-Raising Experience

While going through our videos from the Jason Mraz concert last Sunday, I realized that there were a few videos that I had not uploaded from past adventures with Tobie. My camera comes with an easy access to its video mode so I've learned to try and take video more and more, especially when the action being captured isn't quite the same when photographed. Thus a lot of activities we do end up getting documented in short clips and what have you.

For those who have been keeping up with the blog, you'd remember that some time back we decided to help sponsor the Mind Museum, a local effort to create a world-class science museum here in Manila. That led to us eventually getting invited to a preview of the Mind Museum and its many exhibits, which was a fun experience indeed.

And the videos below were taken on that preview day, while Tobie and I were goofing around with the Van de Graaff Generator that they had on display. Results varied, but it was still geekily fun.


  1. Maybe I should grow my hair again?  Go all Foo Fighters on you again.  MWAAH!

  2. It doesn't really matter what your hair is like as long as you're comfy, love love.

    Although I do tend to like it shorter, hehe.

  3. Once pa lang ako nakapaunta d'yan, nung college ata. Operational pa ba yang museum na yan? Makabalik nga. Makapagdala ng camera :)

  4. I think you're referring to the Science Centrum. This is for a new museum called The Mind Museum that they're building in Fort Bonifacio.


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