Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One month soon... And that's just the beginning!

Some of the readers of Baduy Pride might have been wondering why I haven't been posting updates.  To be honest, a large part of is has simply been because I've been way too busy with all these other things on my plate (new job, old job with more work, gaming, etc).  Heck, I haven't really been updating Blame it on the Rain, Bro or The Garapata Can Speak!  But just in case there are those who are reading my lack of updates as a negative thing, allow me then to post this.

Once upon a time, I discovered that there is a wonderful thing about holding close to your heart an Egg.  An Egg, you see is a world of potential waiting to be unleashed.  An Egg is something fragile, yet made to be so tough it can be impossible to break unless you attack it the right way.  An Egg is about beginnings.  An Egg is about the future waiting to be born.

I was blessed in my life to find an Egg I can call my own.  And while it may have taken an epic quest in its own way to win the right and pride to say, "This is my Egg" it was a quest I had no qualms of undertaking.  After all, when you see someone you believe you deserve to be with, and deserves to be with you too, then no force in the world, or the next one, should be able to stop you.  And so, back then, against the good-meaning-but-mislaid advice of friends, against expectations, and against fallen dragons and broken gods, I rose to the challenge and extended a hand that held my heart.    "Take it," I was saying, "And keep it if you want to.  I won't be asking for it back.  But if you ever decide you don't want to keep it anymore, just let me know and I'll leave, pieces and all."  (No, those weren't the exact words.  Forgive me, I'm feeling a tad melodramatically narrative today.)

To my joy, to my surprise, fate smiled and destiny, he chose me.

Rocky and I have been together for nearly three years now.  Regardless of how rough the waters get, or how strange the weather shifts, if there is anything I can say with absolute certainty, it is this:  Rocky is happy.  I am happy.  And we are happy because our love inspires us to make each other happy.

This year, Rocky and I found ourselves rediscovering the boundaries of love.  And we are learning that what others deemed as perfection was, in truth, just the beginning of even grander and more beautiful things.  In a place where hearts and sometimes beer bottles might often find themselves broken, we found a lonely planet zipping through the world fueled by the passion to flow past all odds.  We found a quiet world which believed the universe was by nature chaotic.  And lonely.  And cruel.  We found a little Prince sitting in his quiet world, wondering why the rose he cares for never truly bloomed.

And before either of us could really grasp what was happening, we realized we had so much more love to share.  And what we thought was a unique wavelength, we discovered did not believe in being limited to just two charges.  I admit, there was fear.  There was uncertainty.  There was caution.  We're still wondering through the woods at times, but in these woods we find ourselves growing stronger.  Braver.  Bolder.  And in many ways better.  But undeniably there as well were the signs that showed us where two stood, three could flourish.  The Prince.  The Egg.  And me, a lonely dog who never knew he was a dog.   Suddenly the world was larger than we had thought.  Suddenly preconceived notions were tested.  And suddenly, we realized while Rocky and I may have created a world of love, we now stood at the opportunity to share that world... and to be enriched as well.

In a few days, we hit our first month together.  And by together I mean us three.  Old existing (and often abused) terminologies seem inappropriate or insufficient to define the outpouring of love that now contains us three.  And admittedly, while things are still young - while there are still moments of fear, still opportunities to relearn things, and still regressive days where self-doubt or insecurities awaken - we have learned that this new life we share is such a tsunami of happiness that we feel... nay, we know we can survive anything so long as we remember to hold on to each other.

As impossible as it may sound to search for an image of what looks like the Little Prince, an Egg and a dog, guess what... I found one.  I know, that's really supposed to be a planet.  And the dog is probably a wolf.  But considering that really ain't a Prince, I feel it is a good reflection of how one views life.  Does one allow himself to be hindered by all the negativity and needs to conform... or does one say, "My happiness is more important than your anal need to be right and me wrong" and instead live a life celebrating joy?   True, it ain't perfect, but it I ultimately believe it is worth it.  Because with us, love does reign on top.  And just like the many hues and colors that the rainbows show, there's a broader spectrum out there that is just as real as everything else.

We found love.
And we deserve this.

Here's to our one month very soon, Prince and Rocky.
Thank you for choosing me to be in your life.


  1. So excited for Thursday!
    And actually that's a fox. =D

  2. Fox nga pala.  Not a wolf.  Wah.


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