Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Journey to the 2012 Pride March

Rocky and I hit the streets of Makati to attend the 2012 Pride March this year.   Admittedly, I wasn't sure if we were going this year, given the many events that filled up this year.  But when Rocky told me he was excited for this year's march, I knew I had to consider what options we had on what we could wear.  In the last march that we were both able to attend, we were wearing shirts that had designs inspired by the PSP game Patapon.  For this year, we talked about shirt designs but couldn't finalize something that seemed to work.

Then just early this week, inspiration struck while I was at Paranaque and I ended up creating a design inspired by another PlayStation game which we absolutely love:  Journey.   We had to face some hurdles afterwards in getting it done, with the supplier of the shirts informing us we had to wait til Saturday morning before we could get the finished product.

Thankfully though, things fells into place.  And while I don't have the photos of today's wonderful experience (those Rocky will post in due time), I can at least share for now the designs I made for the march.  Hopefully you guys will like it (as well as the geeky touches we added to the sashes).

Happy Pride Everyone!

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