Friday, June 7, 2013

The Mind Museum Anniversary Treat

Back in 2011, Tobie and I sponsored The Mind Museum by "buying" a galaxy - although in our case it was actually two spiral galaxies known as the Mice Galaxies (NGC 4676A and NGC 4676B). One of the initial perks of being a sponsor was being able to experience some of the exhibits before the grand opening and of course free tickets to the opening as well.

Ironically, Tobie and I haven't had a chance to visit the Museum yet - not even for the opening. Things were pretty busy last year plus we figured that a LOT of people would end up going in the first few months.

This week Tobie received an email from the Museum folks announcing a little thank you gift for all of us sponsors. And it's not just one or two tickets - apparently we're allowed up to five tickets, given they're aiming for folks to bring families and such.

So it looks like a perfect time to finally organize a trip to the Mind Museum - the bigger question is figuring out who to bring with us! Maybe we should make it some sort of a blog contest or something, hehe...

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