Sunday, August 4, 2013

Finding the one who makes things work

Relationships are about finding the person who makes things work.  And that means for both of those involved.   Too many people keep obsessing over who is looking for the one who is perfect for them, or looking for the one who fulfills their checklist of what the perfect partner should be... when what they really should be doing is finding someone who is willing to give as much as they get.

Love is a two-way street when it works best.

Both communicate their happiness and sadness.  Both share their joys and passions.  Both whisper their anxieties and fears.   And through such communication, any obstacles that need to be surmounted can be tackled together.  Any trials that need to be overcome can be triumphed over as one.

Today is August, and in a few more days, Rocky will soon be celebrating his Birthday.  Admittedly, I haven't planned out anything yet since I still am waiting to hear as well from Rocky on what he would want to do to celebrate it.  There's always O bar, where we can invite our friends to join us as we geek out and enjoy the fantastic music and fabulous drag queens.  There's also having a tiny gathering at the house, perhaps maybe even cooking for guests to join us for some meals.  Lastly, there's the choice of renting a place perhaps - may a room or a restaurant private room - to be able to accommodate even more guests.    The options are many, and ultimately its up to Rocky what he feels he'd want to do.  And from there, I can work out something that would be fun.

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