Friday, October 11, 2013

Come Out Baduy!

October 11 is celebrated as National Coming Out Day around the world by LGBT groups everywhere. It's a great day to remember the importance of one's coming out. Plus it's also an opportunity to encourage others to celebrate who they are and stand up to be proud. This is not about forcing people out of the closet or anything puritanical like that, but more to send a message of love and support to others in the LGBT community who continue to struggle with their identity.

I've written a number of pieces on the importance of coming out and quite frankly it's an amazing relief for anyone who has played the closet game for any length of time. No more lies to friends and family and no more need to think up elaborate excuses for everything you do. There's no more need to juggle pronouns or to watch your every move in case you do something that might "give you away".

So celebrate the joy of coming out. It may be a traumatic experience for most more often than not, but it is truly a moment of rebirth when our lives as LGBT truly begins.

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