Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pairing Outfits

(Singapore) Adventure Time!
 Whenever Tobie and I are about to head out, one of us is bound to ask the other - "What are you going to wear?" It's a simple enough question that sort of unlocks a whole world of meaning beyond it.
Every couple out there (straight or otherwise) inevitably gets into "couples outfits" - pairs of shirts or even full matching ensembles that you can wear together and create a strong visual cue that you're together. It's a cheesy, corny, heck baduy practice that even I have scoffed at from time to time, but now I'm guilty of it as well.

Tobie has always exerted effort to wear something that matches what I'm wearing whether in terms of theme or color. And as corny as it seems, it's actually quite endearing and I won't deny that it makes me smile both inside and out whenever we find shirts that work really well together. And this doesn't even factor in the special shirts that we have made for major LGBT events like the White Party or the annual LGBT Pride March.

Pokemon Shirts

Grey-ish Statement Shirts

Grey Geek Shirts


Cassette Shirts

White Match

Rival Schools!

Yes, it's a seemingly silly, trivial and meaningless gesture to most, but I've come to really enjoy being baduy this way. It's another way to celebrate our love proudly and openly and it's a heck of a lot of fun. It does make clothes shopping a lot more interesting as well since we don't necessarily buy duplicates of all shirts. But we do maintain a decent roster of shirts that can be mixed and matched accordingly.

And as this blog keeps stressing, sometimes it's the little things that really help make every single day special.

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