Thursday, May 31, 2018

Movie Dates

I really enjoy going to the movies. It's an experience that I often relate to happy memories while growing up because a trip to the cinema is always going to be a good thing. Movies are a special kind of magic that will irrationally look better on a giant projector screen no matter how good your home theater setup is. Watching a movie at a cinema means always having popcorn and sitting through trailers that give you a glimpse of exciting features to come and enduring local ads that are always much louder than everything else.

I love going to the movies with Tobie and I'm glad that he takes the time and effort to do so. Sometimes my eagerness to see a movie will mean needing to venture out on opening day or wake up much earlier than normal on a weekend just to squeeze in a showing before other social commitments. He understands when I get worried about not catching particular films while they're still showing at theaters and will help ensure that we do get to go.

We may not travel much nor do we feel strongly about the beach or what have you. But we'll always have these movie dates and they continue to add so many fun memories to our shared history.

Just another reason why I love Tobie so much.

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