Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Quest For The Dream House

The Fremen of Dune were a wandering people and were always prepared to leave on a moment's notice. And entire Sietch community could be gone in a night were it warranted given the finely-honed survival instincts that have allowed the Fremen to survive on the harsh conditions of Arrakis.

And while Tobie and I aren't Fremen and we aren't facing the kind of mortal danger that the Fremen would face on a daily basis, the fact that we named this apartment a Sietch represented our readiness for the possibility that we'd have to move some day. But instead of waiting for hat day to come upon us like a surprise, we're hoping to get ahead of the curve and ensure that the decision to move is ours to make.

Thus begins our search for a dream home somewhere here in Metro Manila. No, we're not interested in condominiums - we're really looking for a townhouse somewhere decently accessible that can act as our new base of geeky operations. This is not an urgent search by any means - we made sure that we allotted sufficient time and resources before endeavoring in this search in earnest.

But this is going to be the dream house, more or less. It'll be the one that we're actually going to purchase as opposed to renting - the one that we're going to put our names on and truly call ours. And that makes all the difference. We're bound to live here for a good amount of time, so it really has to be a home that feels right for both of us.

But we're always open to help, of course. In case you have any leads to a good townhouse within Metro Manila (and hopefully not past the expressway toll gates - both north and sourth), then we'd appreciate leads. We're going to have to make time to actually visit these homes and figure out if they're a good fit and with luck our search will not be in vain.

Bi-la kaifa.


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