Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tobie + Rocky = Cam + Mitchell

I am currently unable to define how I feel about what a friend mentioned to me today while on Google +.
To quote my friend:

Actually, whenever I watch Modern Family (official site here) I tend to associate you and Rocky with Mitchell and Cam. But I'll let you two decide who is who. I say that with love and as a compliment. Is it my fault you two are such a power couple? 

Picture from EW.com
Mitchell and Cam.  Let me repeat that.  Mitchell and Cam.
For those who aren't familiar with them, Mitchell and Cam are the power gay couple on television today.  While most shows seem to sensationalize the idea of either a lonely gay man, an hurt or angry homosexual dealing with either gender discrimination or AIDS, or questionably celebrate the cruising lifestyle and being eternally horny, Mitchell and Cam exist as an example of a gay couple that has found love with all its bumps and blunders, and are happily living in a home together and lovingly raising a child.

So yeah, they're pretty much a positive role model for the gay community.
But with Modern Family of course being a laugh-out riot of a comedy, Mitchell and Cam are anything but perfect.  They have their flaws, their quirks, their crazy antics and amusing issues.   
And that's what makes me wonder about my friend's comment.

I do hope its for the former, and not the latter.  
But then again, considering how baduy I am (and I think it might be best to leave Rocky to explain that side), I can't really blame my friend for his remark.

The real question I guess is:  Who is who?
(And that I will leave for you readers to debate on.)


  1. This was such a crazy thing to wake up to. LOL

  2. Its doesn't matter! :) Both of you are lovely couple!Based on your pics on this blog :)

  3. Aww, thanks for saying so Yehosue!

  4. Thank you so much Yehosue. Really nice of you to say that.


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