Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First February 2012 Photo Update

Ack! Things have been rather crazy ever since we got back from Singapore. Between dealing with our respective work backlog queues and getting the Sietch back in order, we haven't had much time to update this blog. Plus there have been a lot of developments related to Prince and maximizing every moment with him has taken priority over just writing about stuff.

To get better caught up, you can always check out my personal blog, since I religiously post daily updates there. Or you can just skim through the following images:

A doggy homecoming welcome with roses!

Reunited after Singapore!
And even more images after the cut!

Tobie's "special" BANANA bread
Back together again =)
Finally - all three of us at O Bar Ortigas
A very special Poy-Poy grooming day
First non-O Bar triple date!
But we still ended up at O Bar after
Baby's new Nebula Flow Lights!
A sexy chef!
Beware the cuddling Tobie!

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