Monday, February 13, 2012

First Virtual Date

Tobie's new job has him working in Makati in the daytime for some days of the week, leaving me as the sole night shift worker between us. So today Prince and Tobie managed to squeeze in some time for a quick lunch meet-up at Hen Lin, so I opted to "join them" by having a Hen Lin lunch of my own over at Ali Mall.

Welcome to our first virtual date!

Prince: Tobie, focus on your food!

Tobie: Yum yum.
But where's Rocky?

Meanwhile in Cubao...
A not really lonely Rocky
Thinking of you

It doesn't matter where we are in the city or even in the world - the three of us always find ways to feel together. Love really helps in that regard given how it can traverse distances, oceans and maybe even multiverses. 

I love you Tobie and Prince. Thanks for the great virtual date!

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