Sunday, March 17, 2013

Four Months...of THEATER!

Marina Bay Sands Theater (Jan 2012)
I've always been rather big on theater - especially musical theater. Jokingly one could say that it's one of my obviously gay traits, if you get the movie reference. And thankfully over the years that I've known Tobie, he's been more than happy to share my enthusiasm for watching plays.

And it's not exactly a cheap endeavor, as you all may well know. So instead of a heck of a lot of travel to remote beaches, foreign shopping destinations and the like, we end up investing a lot in this little theater hobby.

And there's a heck of a lot of theater to be enjoyed - in fact it has become one of the main reasons that we travel to Singapore so much, apart from the desire to visit my sister and such. Yes, we travel to another country just to catch great shows like the recent stagings of The Lion King, Wicked and Jersey Boys.

I know I'm really lucky that Tobie is so supportive of this particular passion of mine - but that's how good relationships work of course. You find ways to celebrate what each of you love and to do so in a manner that is genuinely enjoyable for both of you.

Today is also our fourth month of being back together - a rekindling of our relationship that ironically began with a trip to Singapore last November to watch Jersey Boys. And this year we've already indulged in a few shows with another one scheduled this afternoon!

Pseudo-slideshow time!

So the 2012 theater season has already begun and here are a few shows that we've managed to watch together:

Repertory Philippines Season Tickets
So this year started with us watching the Repertory Philippines staging of  Boeing Boeing, which was a quaint little farce about a man who was juggling three different airline stewardess girlfriends. It was certainly a fun engagement and it became our first chance to wear our matching Star Trek shirts in public.

RCBC Plaza, Makati
Then we caught the 9 Works Theatrical staging of They're Playing Our Song, which wasn't necessarily the greatest show that we've seen but it was still enjoyable. Tobie had actually watched the prior Lea Salonga performance of the same play a number of years ago but was happy to join me in watching the show. I've come to rather enjoy Nikki Gil as a theater actress but there was just something about this show that didn't quite bring it all together.

If we rewind to the beginning of our relationship, we first watched Jersey Boys together at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, however I was unable to take any photos of that production since my camera had run out of charge at the time.

And this afternoon we're catching another Repertory Philippines show - No Way to Treat a Lady.

So here's to more theater experiences, more magical musical moments and of course even more months of being totally baduy together.

I love you, Tobie! Happy 4 months of geeky happiness!
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