Friday, September 23, 2011

Tobie and Rocky = Poster Boys?

I was totally caught by surprise when fellow blogger Elmer of Elmer Loves Oreo and a few other blogs wrote a feature related to Tobie and me.

Thankfully it was a good picture, hehe

Okay, so it wasn't just "related" - in fact it was a blog post about our relationship, much like the purpose of this blog, as part of a series of blog posts Elmer is writing about what he calls The Poster Boys of Gay Relationships.

It's extremely flattering and sweet that he did this at all and in a many ways quite the honor given we're being compared to the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. And he didn't even tell us about this feature beforehand! Gah!

So one again, thank you very much for the support Elmer. This really means a lot to both of us, especially coming from a guy who has managed to make a long distance relationship work for more than two years!

For those readers of this blog, be sure to check out Elmer's other blogs such as Bading na KolboyGuys in White Underwear and of course Guys in Black Underwear
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