Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pride Marches 2014

The annual Metro Manila LGBT Pride March is a rather important event for me and Tobie and we make it a point to find a way to join the march every year. And this year marks the first time that there are two planned Pride Marches in Metro Manila - the Metro Manila Pride March on December 6 and the QC Pride March on December 13.

On the whole, it's great that we're seeing more opportunities for folks to show their pride and participate more in the local LGBT advocacy scene. But hopefully this should also represent growing support for the LGBT rights movement with Quezon City being the first city government to organize its own LGBT Pride event.

I think Tobie and I will more likely attend the Quezon City Pride March, especially given the progress made with the LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in the city, but if we're lucky we'll be able to manage both in order to show support for all of our LGBT peers and straight allies.

You can register for the Metro Manila LGBT Pride March as a volunteer here.

You can register for the QC Pride March as a participant here.

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