Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Baduy Pride: The Introduction Vlog

We finally kicked off the vlogging idea from last year and the results of our slightly-more-organized live stream is on both YouTube and my personal Facebook feed. We're still working out the kinks both in terms of technical setup and format, so bear with us as we get through the growing pains.

We are sticking to the recorded-as-live format since (1) Tobie and I seem to do well with spontaneous conversation and (2) it eliminates post-production worries for now. As we get better at this we might shake things up - only time will tell!

The first video is just an overview of what we plan to do and the sort of banter that happens. If you have suggestions for topics for us to cover in future videos, fill out this Google Form. We don't have an official schedule yet, but 09:00pm seems to be a good time for us thus far. 

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