Thursday, July 23, 2020

Wedding Non-Planning

Tobie and Rocky January 2018

We've been watching a lot of reality TV content over this lockdown, and things have sort of culminated with Netflix's Say I Do series where the discount Queer Eye trio put together a wedding in a week. I say this is a culmination mainly because a number of shows, mainly cooking competitions, have inevitably wandered into the whole "cater a wedding as a challenge" scenario, and this always gets me stating aloud that we will never agree to make our wedding the subject of a reality television experience. So it's kind of ironic that we're now watching a reality show that is all about weddings alone, but hey it makes for fun sappy entertainment despite the stress of our current reality.

While we have no idea how our actual wedding might go as I doubt we'll make an actual plan until it becomes legal to get married in this country or we move to a country where it's legal instead. But there are a few things that we're generally figuring out.

First, I insist that we need to figure out ahead of time what aspects of our story are worth sharing. Some editing is needed to focus on the happier parts and avoid some of the more complicated bits like the fact that I wasn't single when Tobie and I started falling in love.

Second, we agree we don't want a complicated theme wedding. This Netflix show has had everything from a carnival wedding to a Christmas-themed winter wonderland. And we're pretty sure we don't want to do anything like that. No costume requirements. No decor that could belong at a department store display. 

No idea where we'd want to get married. It's unlikely to be a religious structure like a church and there are no major travel destinations that are particularly memorable to us that we'd want to tie the knot there. So as long as we find a pretty indoor location with sufficient air conditioning that I don't sweat like crazy, it'll probably be an okay option.

The after-party is definitely going to be at O Bar, or something like that. I guess the bachelor's party will be there too, but that would mean we'd still be together for it since I can't imagine being at O Bar without Tobie at my side.

We can't figure out what the food at the event will be like. Tobie says it depends on what restaurants we become friendly with. I figure that I'd still want low carb options even if they're not necessarily full keto options - but admittedly I'd be happier to make sure at least my plate is keto and everyone else gets normal stuff LOL.

I need to check with Tobie, but I think I'd be happier to get married in a Barong Tagalog versus a suit, more for comfort more than anything else. Of course, it would have to be customized somehow in a manner that's tasteful and not necessarily too niche that we wouldn't be able to re-use it for other events. 

It's easy to banter about this mainly because it's still not a legal option in the Philippines for us to get married. This may change in the future, and we look forward to that. But for now, wedding plans are part of the conversations we continue to joke about before going to bed without seriously committing to anything. 

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