Monday, June 21, 2021

Vlog Ep. 220: Bob Ross Art of Chill

For this Monday night #BaduyPride episode, our featured tabletop game is the Bob Ross: Art of Chill game created by Prospero Hall. This game supports 2-4 players and ends up being surprisingly competitive within a short 30-minute playtime. And Bob Ross is all over it - in more ways than one. 

We love a lot of big games that can take more than an hour to get through, there's no denying that. But games like this still fit nicely into our collection since they provide a different flavor of challenge that is still fulfilling and a lot of fun. And it's all sorts of brilliant how they managed to celebrate a lot of what people love about Bob Ross and turn it all into a fun gaming experience. That's not necessarily easy to do so major points to the creative team behind it for coming up with this rather unique game.

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