Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Kylie Videos Unlocked on Twitter

Kylie Minogue will always play a key role here at Baduy Pride given how her songs of love celebrate many of the things that make our Baduy Pride life so fantastic. For all three of us in the ASA Family. we've found common ground in her music with different songs having different meanings for each of us.

So it's nice to see that she's still very much active in terms of creating new songs to celebrate plus her marketing team is really active in the social media sphere. She's had a few of these interesting "tweet to unlock" contests where she asks her Twitter followers to use a particular hash tag in order to reach a goal number of tweets to "unlock" the video. One of the recent experiments involved her latest video for Time Bomb, which resulted in over 25,000 tweets using the hash tag within a span of 43 minutes! And it's definitely a song that we love to hear any time we're at O Bar!

And just last night at 02:00am, Kylie launched another tweet to unlock challenge, this time for an exclusive video to help celebrate Pride. And again over 10,000 tweets using the hash tag #KyliePride resulted in unlocking this exclusive video of her performance at the Australian Mardi Gras!

So yes, the internet is a GREAT place to celebrate the love and who better to celebrate love with than our favorite showgirl Kylie Minogue herself?

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