Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sietch Life: Duck Missions

Another dastardly plan.
I suspect that Duck was a secret agent in another life. He's show an amazing capability for espionage with a distinct specialization in infiltration and insertion behind enemy lines.

Enemy lines, at least in this case, means sneaking into my work back without my knowing it.

I suspect Tobie aids the ducks in their plans but he constantly denies this. Still, how else can you explain the fact that on more than one occasion have I discovered Duck hidden among my office stuff?

Before it was Tiger and Duck engaged on these missions. But with the arrival of Ger-Ger and High Duck, it seems Duck has found new partners in crime.


  1. Ang sweet ha... may mga "pets". Akala ko una, mascot n'yo... representation hehe. Parang medyo iba dating nung Ger-Ger ah! Is it pronounce with a "J" :)

  2. Kasi nga gusto niya sana Girbaud siya, pero medyo trying hard pa, hahaha

  3. They like to stowaway when we go out. Tiger and Duck not only visited Boracay with us, but they snuck into the Kylie concert for free!


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