Monday, November 30, 2015

One Night At The Disco

So last November 20, O Bar went back in time and celebrated the music of the 70's and the 80's with their Loco Over Retro theme night. And given our support for O Bar events in general, Tobie and I made sure to allocate some time for this night in particular and we had a great time. And I did promise I'd write a bit more about this night over on my personal blog.

To recap, the night was sort of divided into three main parts. At first it was all about disco music and both the DJ's songs and the drag queen performances for the first set all celebrated this particular era. I actually found myself trying to remember how to dance the swing with friends given they had rearranged the normally cramped bar to have a nice little dance area right in the middle of everything. We certainly had a lot of fun with all the music - and it was nice that they were songs that we were all generally familiar with to one degree or another.

Then the second part of the night was all about the 80's and the rest of the night was closer to the usual sort of O Bar fare that we hear night after night. But it was the 80's period that really got me.

A lot of people remark that I'm a bit of an old soul, hence my own love for disco music ties to things I learned to appreciate because of my mom and things of that nature. And even my love and respect for 80's music perhaps ties more to my dad than me being born in 1982. Put that all together and we end up with a quirky little version of a person my age. And maybe that's helped me get along with Tobie, who is biologically older but more often than not acts younger (read: crazier) than I do. Our differences bring us closer together when we meet somewhere in the middle of our ages.

The night was sort of a celebration of that and the 80's music had me feeling all mushy and nostalgic. Eventually I actually pulled Tobie out to the dance floor to enjoy the music with me. Sure, we're not exactly opposed to dancing together and we've done that more than a few times at O Bar. But there' was something about the need to travel to a distinct dance area for a chance instead of just dancing in whatever corner of the bar we find ourselves in.

Tobie quipped that it was like the prom that we never had. And as much as I initially wanted to object that I had actually gone to my prom with a friend as a date, I did recognize what he meant. That night felt like a chance for us to go back in time and imagine a life where the two of us could have maybe met as much younger men. It was a chance to imagine what things might have been like had we had a chance to go out to a prom together, as unthinkable as that still is in this in this country. And just having that in mind made me smile all the more and made things more enjoyable.

And this is yet another reason why I love Tobie so much. He knows just what to say to make any special moment even more amazing and memorable.

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