Monday, July 20, 2020

Quarantine Gifting and Other Updates

Early Gift
Last-minute surprise birthday dedication right there

Wow, I haven't posted an update on this blog since our anniversary last November. Sorry about that, it has been a weird time.

For those who might have been wondering, Tobie and I have remained safe and sound under lockdown. We've significantly limited our time outdoors in line with quarantine protocols and have mostly stayed busy with work. Luckily, we are both in companies that have supported 100% work from home.

We're still baduy and proud of it, but of course, it often feels like there's not as much to write about because of this pandemic. Obviously, we're not traveling nor are we doing crazy things with friends or attending memorable events or similar experiences. Instead, we're doing our best to get through this pandemic without going crazy. But at least we have each other's company to get through these crazy times. I know of many friends who have been separated from their loved ones over the course of this quarantine.

Today, Tobie still managed to surprise me with a ridiculously early birthday gift. Longtime readers of this blog or my (now-protected) personal blog might remember how gift-giving is a bit of a competitive sport between us but also frustrating since we are unable to really surprise one another. But I guess my surprise senses are getting rusty during this pandemic since I was not expecting Tobie to not only find another fun board game to add to our collection (we've added over a dozen despite quarantine) but he secured the good number of card sleeves of the type that we specifically use for our Legendary card games. I needed 900 sleeves to catch up with recent acquisitions and we still have a good thousand more sleeves leftover for future purchases.

Normally I'd pick up these sleeves at our favorite geek store in Singapore, but naturally, I haven't been traveling since the pandemic broke up. We had built up a sizeable supply of sleeves, but over time they've run out. So I'm honestly happy that Tobie somehow found some despite my own efforts falling short of ordering from the US - which we also did, not that I think about it.

So yes, the baduy life continues with Tobie still finding ways of making me smile despite the world seemingly descending into a dystopia. I love this man so much. 

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