Thursday, July 23, 2020

Random Photo Journey!

Rocky and Tobie July 2020
July 2020

My weight loss journey and this whole quarantine situation has me sporadically digging through past photos more than usual. When I look at myself in the mirror every day, it's hard to tell if I'm making any real progress. So there's nothing quite like jumping back a few years to shock myself with how big I used to be and thus stressing how far I've come. Plus it's a nice way to remember what it was like when we all had the freedom to travel freely and meet up with friends in non-socially-distant settings.

And with me trying to celebrate happier days through this blog, I thought it might be fun to do a year-by-year photo review of our couple photos. Prepare yourself for fluctuating weight and changing hairstyles!

Rocky and Tobie September 2009
September 2009

Tobie and Rocky June 2010
June 2010

Tobie and Rocky August 2011
August 2011

Tobie and Rocky March 2012
March 2012

Tobie and Rocky June 2013
June 2013

Rocky and Tobie April 2014
April 2014

Rocky and Tobie February 2015
February 2015

Rocky and Tobie September 2016
September 2016

Rocky and Tobie January 2017
January 2017

Tobie and Rocky January 2018
January 2018

Tobie and Rocky April 2019
April 2019

Tobie and Rocky January 2020
January 2020

...and to think I keep telling Tobie that we need to take more photos of ourselves for documentation purposes.


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