Sunday, November 17, 2019

Officially 10 Baduy Years Together

When you get to maneuver your anniversary to be a particular date, you can get a fun case such as how two cubed plus three squared (which looks better as a mathematical equation than in words) equals 17, which is today. Tobie and I have been together for 10 years now.

10 years of daily puns of questionable quality and other groan-worthy jokes.

10 years of shared geekery including many, many tabletop games.

10 years of celebrating good food together and repeatedly losing Tobie's attention to desserts.

10 years of O Bar nights and many, many crazy nights together.

10 years of just being together in silence at times and enjoying each other's company.

10 years of speaking without words with perfect understanding.

10 years of the universe finding new ways to remind us that we are meant to be together.

I love you so much, Tobie. Every day with you is a celebration. I love our life together.

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