Friday, October 21, 2011

We have FANS!?!

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to know how there are so many people out there who are happy for Rocky and me.  Maybe it is just because I've never been so openly out in the world in a gay relationship.  Or maybe it just is because when a relationship is truly based on honesty and love, others can feel the love flow outwards to them.  But not a single month goes by without someone new proclaiming their support and admiration of our togetherness.

Hearing from family and close friends how much they are happy to see us happy might sound like something that should be expected, but frankly it means a lot.  For me, it means a huge lot because I only recently came out.  My parents, while they constantly reassure me that they love me and want me to be happy, admittedly are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact one of their sons is in a gay relationship.  Thankfully, Rocky's family is handling it better than my own parents, and Rocky's sister has even admitted to me how happy she is to see her brother so much happier now.  One message a friend sent me even went so far to say, "I wish lahat kami magkaroon ng Tobie at Rocky din" ("I wish all of us also finds a Tobie and Rocky too")

It feels a bit odd to try to compose this blog post, admittedly.  There's always a part of me that feels this attempt to share the joy and celebrate how happy will always be taken wrongly by certain people.   It is kind of sad that any proclamations of how happy we are can be interpreted by others as an attack intended to spite exes and old loves.  Or that such statements are intended to sound more like boasts, rather than as reasons to celebrate and hopefully inspire others to also be open and proud of their relationships.

So, this is my somewhat awkward attempt to blog about this:

We have fans.
Crazy as it sounds, but yes we have fans.

Everything from people blogging about us, to numerous new faces adding us on just to commend how happy they are to see a gay couple that works, there seems to be so many more faces that have the same thought they want to express: It is great to see you two so happy.  Sometimes, I end up wondering why gay relationships seem to be seen as short-term or temporary pairings by default.

To all our fans, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
It does make a difference, I have to admit.  No matter how happy we know we are, and no matter how much love and joy we do feel we have, there is always room for more joy and happiness.  And to hear from others, whether it be people whom we are close to, or total strangers who have only met us once, or known us through web interaction, how much they admire our passion and intimacy always makes us feel even better.

Thank you for your support.

(edit: I originally wrote this post with lots of images of screen caps of those who sent us messages of support.  But I decided to delete them when I realized most of them are probably not out yet, or would possibly find themselves dealing with complications from other forces.  So pardon the bareness of this post.)


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