Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Is How To Raise A Geek Kid

As I was going through my Google Reader feed, I came across this io9 feature about WanderMonster, a blog that started out as a travel blog and is now pretty much dedicated to these adorable little comics created by father and son team Rob and Ben.

The premise behind the comics is pretty simple. Every day since Ben was in kindergarten, his father Rob would leave a piece of paper attached to the lid of his lunch box with a partially completed comic like this:
She couldn't wait to get home from work so she could...

And when Ben came home from school it became this:
...turn Cthulhu into a cyborg
Totally brilliant, right? And this adorable little 8 year old knows about Cthulhu! Here's another Cthulhu strip:
I'm not afraid of Cthulhu, because...

...I know his dad's phone number

And this kid has serious geek cred mind you. Check out one more:
The circus strongman...

...loves to ride on his buck tooth wampa

Yes, he just said Wampa. Like from Star Wars. And the rest of the pieces are littered with references to LEGO, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and other great stuff such as space pigs, cyborg beavers and Dr. Chicken.

This father is amazingly inspiring and I can only hope that Tobie and I can manage half as well in how he's raised his kid to be creative, confident and geeky should we ever get to adopt or somehow have a child of our own. This is such an amazing way to engage one's child in a manner that allows him to express himself freely, celebrate his passions and ultimately just have some fun with a parent. It's rare that you encounter a father this engaged in his son's life in a manner that is amazingly memorable. Totally brilliant.

So kudos to you Rob Kimmel! Keep up the awesome work and we all look forward to the kind of amazing guy Ben is bound to grow up to be. You guys are just stellar.

Note: I do not claim copyright over any of the images posted in this entry - they are merely for commentary / celebration of Rob and Ben's awesomeness. Show them some love by checking out the rest of their Lunch Posts at WanderMonster or follow them on Twitter via the username wandermonster.

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