Friday, January 13, 2012

Just saying I LOVE YOU

This is probably going to be a strange entry.

I am certain it is because not everyone will grasp what this is about.  Or why this post is necessary since it doesn't seem to say anything new.  But I still want to post it because it is something which I feel is a landmark about how rOckY and I work.  In all the years we have been together, things have been wonderful in its own way.  We definitely had our ups and down, and we have definitely had our own share of trials to face.  But man, I will have to say, I have NEVER ever been in such a relationship where I truly and absolutely feel I can be myself.

rOckY and I have been together for nearly three years now.  And with each passing year, I find myself finding more and more reasons to celebrate having found him in this huge world we live in.  Today, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed at how happy I am that we still see things eye-to-eye no matter how strange or weird or complicated things might be for other people.

I don't plan to get into the details.  Why?  Because I'm not posting this to start any debate or discussion.  This blog post isn't intended to say, "This is us, are you that great?" or anything like that.  Instead, this blog post is just me saying, "I LOVE this man so much because we get along in such a way that I've never experienced before."

Currently, rOckY and I are going through things that other couples would probably struggle to comprehend.  Or find themselves caught up in a whirlpool of doubts and insecurities.  But us?  No.  We're celebrating and enjoying each and every single moment of it.  We're openly discussing what we see in the future and delightfully sharing what we can see on the horizon.  This man is such a wonderful part of my life that I honestly struggle at times to accept that I am this blessed.    But to be brief, we stand at a point which many other relationships would find as a negative turning point in their lives.

And for us, it is one we mutually celebrate.

Here's to finding a house that we can someday officially declare as our home.   Here's to sharing the immense love and passion we have for each other.  Here's to celebrating each and every single day this way.  Here's to the future.

I love you, rOckY.

Thank you for choosing me.

The lucky dog.


  1. Super haba ng hair ni Rocky, abot hanggang sakong! Ikaw na talaga Rocky ang "The Lucky One" :)

  2. Kudos mga baduy. 

  3. Haha, thanks everyone! You know we love you all. =D


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