Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prince Singapore Diary 03: Up and Down Orchard Road

Most of our Saturday was spent at various locations along Orchard Road. Starting with the National Museum of Singapore for the Dreams and Reality exhibit to the 1 million shopping locations on the famous street, it felt lime we visited almost every one of them.

We bought geek stuff at Paradigm Infinitum, a book at Kinokuniya, some DVDs and of course some gifts for Prince along the way too. We failed in our original objective to buy ourselves some clothes - but the end conclusion is that we'd be better off going shopping at Greenhills with Prince to find stuff we'll like.

Missing our baby Prince so much! But hopefully these videos will act as a great way to both relive our memories of the trip and make sure Prince feels like he was right there with us apart from all the roaming text messages we keep sending him.

Stay baduy people! And if you bump into Prince, remind him that there are two geeks in Singapore who love him beyond belief. =D

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