Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baduy Pride 2.0 Upgrade

When Tobie and I started Baduy Pride, we wanted to create a blog that celebrated love and added a positive voice to an often bitter LGBT blogosphere. Since its creation, we've used the blog to the best of our ability to document our happiest moments, commemorated major milestones and basically added a heck of a lot more sappy cheesiness to the internet in general.

And strangely enough, you people keep coming back here to read about what silly things we did as a couple or how we continue to give romantic comedies a run for their money. And we really appreciate all the support you've provided me and Tobie. Seriously, it's been a big boost for our morale and it has really done a lot to encourage us continue living the baduy life together.

Well, as Tobie announced the other day, we've decided to upgrade, in a manner of speaking.

This is Prince (and his dog Poy-Poy) - the newest members of the Baduy Pride family. No, he's not a new adopted son - that privilege remains to be Nico's at this point (and by extension his boyfriend CK). He's a new equal member of our union, although words fail me now in trying to properly define a term that can best describe our relationship. You could simply say that the three of us are boyfriends, co-equal partners similar to how the three branches of government are equal. Or the Holy Trinity? Ugh, I really don't have a good analogy right now.

Yes, I know it sounds weird -. I can feel your eyebrows raising as you read this entry. But for geeks like us, weird is a good thing. It just means it's different - unique and special. And simply put, it's ours - something that the three of us can hold onto, cherish and nourish into something far greater.

There's a natural stigma for relationships that do not follow the "norm". The immediate thoughts will run along the lines of this just being a sexual thing, that Price is just coming along for the ride in some shallow manner or that Tobie and I have become bored with our partnership and needed to spice things up. And if you thought of any of those notions or related concepts, well that's your problem. And whether you believe me or not, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong on all counts.

Tobie and I, as a couple, couldn't be happier - or at least we thought. And while we had no major issues with our relationship as it was - the major ones had been ironed out in the two-ish years prior after all, we were surprised with how Prince affected our lives so much, and in a really good way. Prince changed things for us and I'm sure we changed his life too as we started to get to know one another and became closer and closer. And as of January 23, we officially decided to take this special friendship to the next level.

When we first made the announcement over our social networks (primarily Facebook of course), the initial support for friends has been rather overwhelming - we thank you all for cheering us on this new path in our relationship. There's a lot of uncharted territory ahead to be certain. Serious relationships between three people just don't happen all that much, at least not in the public view, I suppose. But keeping with the original thrust of this Baduy Pride blog, we'll continue to document our relationship here, but this time involving the special place Prince has in our shared lives. We're one big happy family now and we're really going to work hard to make this work in the long haul.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how exactly this is going to work along with a million other ideas running through your heads. I'll admit we don't have all the answers at this point, but together we're going to map things out as we go along. It means that we're going to create or define a lot of the parameters for this relationship on our own. But I'm sure we're up to the challenge and I look forward to what the future holds for the three of us.

What you can trust is that we'll continue to celebrate love, live a life together based on trust and complete honesty and of course we're still going to be proudly baduy. And if you're not too weirded out just yet, you're more than free to join us on this journey as we continue to blog about happiness, openness and a heck of a lot of love.

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  1. Wow, I really have high regards to you guys... Bless you... bless the three of you...

    All I can say is that even in the bible, Jesus NEVER discriminated against your idea as long as you love each other, there's no problem...

    for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.
    Romans 13:8


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