Sunday, January 8, 2012

More DOT-Style O Bar Posters

So we weren't content with the original 4 posters we created for O Bar in the style of the new campaign of the Department of Tourism. Once Tobie got back from his family event, we got together to brainstorm a few more ideas to continue to support O Bar.

Camp. More Fun in the Philippines

This first one really started as the caption before the poster. It took a while to find the right photo for this and this seemed the best one in my collection at this point. My thanks to Tobie for helping with the tricky color balance.

Double Rainbow. More Fun in the Philippines

Admittedly this started as a favor to our friend, who is obviously the poi dancer in the photo. Captioning was tricky at first, but then being the internet geeks that we came up with a reference to another internet meme. Plus it was a really great shot.

Colors. More Fun in the Philippines

And naturally we had to create an additional one for the other half of the High Voltage poi dancers. Again, the caption took longer to generate than finding this shot. But I wouldn't mind suggestions for a better caption for this particular graphic.

Drag. More Fun in the Philippines

And lastly, I really wanted to find an image that best depicted how drag can not only be campy and fun but in this case pretty darned believable. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a man.

We're bound to make more should more captions come to mind. More often than not these ideas start as the caption then we dig through my library for an appropriate image. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to creating images for the actual DOT campaign in terms of tourist spots since I don't travel much, but I'll certainly find ways to celebrate the country in my own way.

...because it's more fun in the Philippines!

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