Saturday, January 28, 2012

Prince Singapore Diary 01: Departure

Last September, Tobie and I mapped out our second trip to Singapore even though we had just finished our first one. It coincided with the announcement that the Marina Bay Sands would be staging a run of the amazing Broadway musical Wicked, which I had managed to catch in LA a few years ago and yet Tobie had not seen. Another of those Cebu Pacific seat sales had come along with the right travel dates and thus we booked the very trip that we're on as of this weekend.

But since then,Prince happened and we've reached a new level of Baduy Pride, but sadly it was far too late to figure out a way to bring him along. Plus the fact that Prince had gotten sick just before the trip, it really wasn't an option.

But just because Prince isn't physically with us doesn't mean that we can't find a way to have him experience the trip with us. Given the wonders of technology, we had decided to put together a little "surprise" for our baby.

So here is the first in what will be a series of videos documenting our trip to Singapore. And yes, the videos are addressed to Prince and are not meant as general travel videos, so you may feel a bit awkward watching it when you happen to NOT be Prince.

But this seemed like the perfect baduy thing to do for our baby. We're going to have many fantastic trips together, we're sure. But for this one, we're going to be creative.

We miss you baby! Hope you enjoy your surprise! Obviously, this is the "staggered" version of things, hehe.

Love you so much.
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