Friday, July 8, 2011

Sietch Life: The Ducks

They mean to win Wimbledon...or something else.
Meet some of our "kids" here at the Sietch - in this case The Ducks. It's hard to explain how we ended up with three different duck figures considering Tobie is mainly into pigs, but it happened. And they're tricky little buggers.

The white one is the youngest. High Duck was a gift from a friend and the only reason he's "high" is that our friend's officemate thought that the duck had a marijuana leaf on his foot. It was actually a maple leaf, but the concept stuck. The bigger yellow one is Girbaud, who is a bit of a pretentious social climber who is really a relatively unknown lower class duck named Ger-Ger.

But the last one is the most dangerous - the small one. His name is simply Duck, but he speaks in a language so complex that our brains fail to process what he's saying. So instead all we hear after a lengthy discourse on the merits of a particular movie or theater production is "Quack." So, so tricky indeed.

It's hard to trust the ducks when they're all together like this. And believe me, it happens a lot.

For future visitors to the Sietch that we call home - you have been warned.


  1. Duck says, "Quack."

    But due to the graphic nature of the statement, I think i will refuse to translate it for now.

  2. I don't recommend it - they are more dangerous in groups!


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