Monday, October 18, 2021

Vlog Ep. 286: Tides of Time and Madness

Tonight's episode of #BaduyPride is about two separate but related 2-player games created by Kristian Čurla. These are Tides of Time and Tides of Madness, both published by Portal Games. They're based around a very tight system that results in some pretty strategic gameplay within a quick 20-30 minute timeframe.

The core system that drives both games is a great one that is easy to learn but still provides a fair amount of depth for newer and experienced players alike. And for a game of this depth, it also travels very well as the 18 cards in each box don't take up a lot of space. 2-player games are a unique niche in the gaming space but are very welcome companions when you're still in an extended quarantine. 

While we chose today's topic, we're always open to suggestions! If you have ideas for future video discussions, feel free to fill out this Google Form and your idea may be featured as the focus for an episode!    

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