Thursday, February 3, 2022

Vlog Ep. 309: The Many Masters of the Universe

This episode of #BaduyPride was all about the many incarnations of the Masters of the Universe line over the years. What started as a clever toy concept with a multi-platform marketing strategy has managed to grow into a whole other media empire on its own. And we did our best to walk through the history of the toys, the cartoons, the comics, and the movies in our own geeky way.

And there was a LOT to cover, admittedly. I figured we could just focus on the cartoons, but that would discount the contributions of everything from the different toylines to the mini-comics that told a completely different story. And people are bound to like different aspects of this franchise, which says a lot about how much effort was put into innovating this franchise to appeal to diverse audiences over the years. 

While we chose today's topic, we're always open to suggestions! If you have ideas for future video discussions, feel free to fill out this Google Form and your idea may be featured as the focus for an episode!

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