Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bringing Baduy Pride to Singapore

Flickr: Sheba_Also - Singapore Business Centre at Dusk-3=
Singapore Business Centre at Dusk-3=
by John / Sheba_Also via Flickr.

By the time this publishes, Tobie and I should be on a flight for Singapore. SQUEE!!!

This marks our first trip out of the country together and our second time flying together. As much as the last trip to Boracay was pretty fun, I'm definitely sure that this trip to Singapore is going to be EVEN BETTER!

Tobie already shared that we're going to watch The Lion King while we're there. Plus we have a heck of a lot of other activities mapped out including art exhibits, trips to the zoo and of course a visit to Orchard Row. We've been looking forward to this trip for ages now ever since we first committed to going and it seems almost surreal that in so short a time this trip has come together.

And as we fly off on a new Baduy Pride adventure together, I have to take the time to thank Tobie for helping make this trip possible. Without his support, I doubt this trip would have ever happened.

So here's to a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY weekend for me and Tobie!

Oh, and if you want to show some Baduy Pride love for me on my birthday this Sunday, why don't you check out my Amazon Kindle Wish Lists? I have one for various science fiction, fantasy and LGBT books and a more "professional" one for business books. I'd greatly appreciate anything you'd opt to contribute to my ever-growing Kindle library!
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