Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 3 of Rocky's Birthday Singapore trip

Forgot to take a pic when Rocky woke me up, so here's one just before I have my morning shower. 

The siblings map out the travel plans for today.

Our goals for the day:  A trip to have a camera fixed, Universal Studios Singapore,  a meal at Makansutra, and a visit to the Asian Civilizations Museum to check out the Terracotta warriors exhibit.

Me feeling all happy despite the morning glare.

And the cab we called is finally here!

Happy siblings!

Me slightly struggling with a bum tummy and an irritated right eye.

Yes, in Singapore, the driver is on the right side.

I love how you can get the driver's identity too.

At the shop for the camera trip.

Still not feeling too well.

Enroute now to Universal Studios Singapore at Sentosa Resorts World.

OMG Hershey's Chocolate World!  Couldn't resist:  Ordered  a six-pack  Big Pack of Reese's!

I don't recall why I took this.  

Or this.
Hmm... I only have Rocky to blame.

Kung Fu Panda's Po!  

The siblings pose with the Invisible Man.


I'm giddy as a child!

As usual, Rocky is busy with the camera.  Reminds you of anyone, Mina?

The Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters were operational!

The red track is the Human track.  The blue track the Cylon track.
Rocky actually announced we were go for the red track!

Rocky busy taking pics, heedless of the threat behind him!

Sorry about this pic Mina.  But yeah, painful feet hehe.

Me, my Rocky, and Sausages!

Pigging out on not-so-mexican wraps, not quite potato chips, and the fisherman's basket.

Rocky tempted to get a plushie dinosaur.

Heading in for the Shrek 4D ride.

Happily Ever After!

Running in!

Time to head for dinner.  (Me shaky from hunger.)

Taking two.

The run for the Taxi queue.

A sign for all those still closeted.

Aaaah relaxed feet now in air conditioned taxi.

Even Rocky is exhausted.  But satisfied.

Me feeling my second wind.

Headed for the "sosyal hawkers" place.

Of course, Mina decides to focus on Filipino food.
As to what Rocky and I had, wait for him to share the pics of our feast.

The Terracotta Warriors of Huangdi.

Just incredible to see them up close.

Loved the animals too.
Bonus points for the dog and pig.

Super amazed at the lighting they used too.
Tiny lights with their own barn doors.

I'd love to have these on my shelves someday.

Now on the tired trek home.

Even Rocky is too tired to do much.

And the tunnel is a loooooooong trip.

Now back home.
And yes, time to go back to work for tonight.
But all in all, a wonderful Day 3 (or 2nd day in Singapore).

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