Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wad you up into my life

Being both geeks, Rocky and I have lots of little worlds of interest that we share.  Once upon a time, before I met him, I would find myself having to stop being engaged in hobbies or geekdoms that I loved in order for a relationship to work.  Gaming was one of these hobbies that always got questioned.   Comics was another.  Video games would be "tailored" to match only the interests of my then partner.

Nowadays, however, I find myself not having any such limitations.  Rocky celebrates and enjoys a lot of what I love, and those that I do that he doesn't, he fully supports.  When it comes to videogames, I used to get some flack over being interested in the weirder variety of games.  While the rest of the world celebrates the coming of the latest Counterstrike iteration, or goes wild over the newest Street Fighter game, I would quietly be happy with games such as Eretzvaju and Bust-a-Groove (the dance game, not the Bubble Bobble renamed game).   And then, there is Katamari Damacy.

For the uninitiated, Katamari Damacy is the kind of game you would probably only be able to fully appreciate by playing it.  In this NAMCO game, you play an alien prince who is trying to rebuild the cosmos (which your father had, during a drunken moment, shattered away) by rolling up earth junk and recreating the heavenly bodies.  Weird?  It get's even weirder.

Yes, that was the intro of the game.  And you have challenges like rolling around a sumo wrestler to gather up enough food so he can win against a massive opponent.  Or rolling around fire, but making sure you avoid any cold or wet objects lest you let the fire die.  In one crazy stage, you go around avoiding everything that has a bear or bear-like design because you can only roll up one single bear and you'd want to get as huge as you can to roll up the biggest bear you can find.  Then you start rolling stuff from the size of a paperclip, eventually to mountains and buildings and literally continents... it is just an absolute riot!

Like I said, CRAZY game.

Nothing as ordinary as having random people with interesting fighting abilities duke it out.  Or shooting terrorists.  Or rescuing princesses.  The game was weird and me, being weird, I loved it.

Thankfully, Rocky turned out to be someone who would love such weirdness as well.  Rocky found the game as fun (and to be honest, maybe even more addictive than I did) and as wonderfully crazy and it was a pattern of appreciation that continues to happen in our over two years together.  No longer did I have to feel like I had to edit myself in my own relationship.  No longer did I have to try to be "a bit more normal" for the romance to work.

Even better, last Gay Pride Month of 2010, Rocky and I decided to have some shirts made for the Annual White Party, and we ended up having this as the design:

So yeah, I absolutely LOVE this man.
I'm the luckiest geek of the world.

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