Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sietch Life: Pigs Wearing Duck Masks

I was about to head off to work one night and I found the scene above waiting for me. The photo is hard to explain on its own, but basically this is the other bedroom where I stash my work bag when at home. And this time there was something in my bag - a rather large thing to boot.

It appeared to be Piggy, with a piece of paper taped to his snout. Of course he could barely fit in my bag given his size, but there he was. But what was up with the paper? And then it all came together once I considered the three onlookers above.

It was the Ducks - High Duck, Ger-Ger and Duck. And having all three together was always a cause for suspicion here at the Sietch. This mallard triumvirate has been known to come up with some pretty elaborate schemes.

And then I remembered that the Ducks had "told" Piggy that his attempts to join me on my trips to work were doomed to fail since he wasn't a duck himself. Well there you go - a pig trying to be a duck.

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